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Schedule a job every 5 minutes with Oracle DMBS_JOB

For all those struggling to schedule a job every 5 minutes without drift here's a "simple" interval expression which can be easily adapted to other intervals (every 10 minutes, 20, etc):

select sysdate, trunc(sysdate) + ( ( to_number(to_char(sysdate, 'HH24'))*60+floor(to_number(to_char(sysdate, 'MI'))/5)*5 + 5 ) / 1440) from dual;
Btw, the espression is in the second column of the query.

OTRS embedded images and Lotus Notes

Emails with embedded images sent to OTRS from Lotus Notes can reach OTRS rendered as text with the embbeded image placed in a separate attachment.
The problem in not on OTRS side, but rather in the Lotus Notes client and server configuration.
To fix the issue on the Lotus client make sure that the option "Format for messages addressed to internet addresses" is set to MIME. Then on the sever apply the following settings:
In the Domino Admin open the "Configuration" tab Choose "Server" Choose "Configurations" Choose the appropriate server Choose tab titled "MIME" Choose "Conversion Options" Choose "Outbound"
Change the setting for "Message Content formatting" to the bottom option called "Create Multi-part alternative ...".
Email should now reach OTRS properly formatted with embedded image displayed inline.
Original source for solution:…