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Faster tests of logstash configuration

If you're using logstash in all but the simplest setups, you have probably started testing your logstash config along the way. This means writing ruby rspec tests like the following:

we used to do the same, but over time we noticed that the test suite would take more and more time to to run. A quick investigation revealed that a lot of time was spent in the startup and shutdown of logstash itself, since Logstash would be started and stopped for each sample block.

But what caused logstash to take such a long time to start and stop?

Running rspec with the TEST_DEBUG=1 environment variable set revealed substantial logging related to starting the inputs and output plugins. The elasticsearch output in particular would complain a lot about not being able to connect to ES, with retries at regular intervals.

I realized then that since we don't actually need the output and input plugins perhaps we can skip starting them. With a quick change to the configuration loading block:

run times…
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[SOLVED] Garmin troubles

Update: solved after my watch received software update 7.80. Scroll at the bottom for details.

I have never been a watch person. Have not worn one in a looong time and never really got interested in one even when the smart watch hype started mounting.

Two months ago a was gifted a cheap knock-off step tracker and I suddenly realized that I was interested in having that kind of data (steps, sleep) tracked. The cheap tracker died after a few weeks, so I started my hunt. I like running (I try to run 5K, 3 times a week) so I thought maybe I should upgrade from a simple fitness tracker to a watch that I could use for running.

Passed AWS CSA Professional

2 weeks ago I passed the AWS CSA Professional certification exam. Here are my thoughts hoping they might thelp others who are studying or are planning to earn the certification.

First off to be eligible for the AWS CSA PRO you need to hold a valid, not expired AWS CSA Associate level certification. In my case I got the Associate 2 years ago and it would have expired on Feb 5th 2018.

Both PRO and Associate certifications expire after 2 years. Amazon training will email you a reminder of the expiration roughly 6 months before. In the notification email they will also highlight
all available ugrade paths, or just the name of the recertification exam.

Riflessioni sul tema: Ridurre le tasse in maniera strutturale? Quali, quante, come, con quali tempi

Ieri sera ho finalmente visto Michele Boldrin dal vivo in un incontro sul tema:

"Cambiamo ritmo al paese.
Le cose che servono all’Italia di cui nessun parla
Ridurre le tasse in maniera strutturale?
Quali, quante, come, con quali tempi"

Seguo Boldrin da tempo su e premetto che mi piace il suo modo schietto di spiegare e raccontare le cose, senza il cerchiobottismo di altri figuri che si occupano di economia (politici in primis). Va da sè che uno così non può piacere a tutti, però IMHO è preferibile qualcuno che ti dice le cose in faccia piuttosto di uno che è d'accordo con tutti su tutto e poi quando agisce fa tutt'altro.

Quello che segue è un testo in cui raccolgo i miei pensieri su quanto sentito ieri sera, con la speranza che la forma scritta mi aiuti a ragionarci.

NGINX stream module with dynamic upstreams

NGINX has had support for dynamic upstream modules for a while in the community distribution and examples abund. I think this is probably one of the clearest I could find.

Finding a similar config for stream proxies turned out to be surprisingly hard, so here I'm sharing my solution in the hope that it can be useful to somebody. Or someone more experienced can point out a better alternative.
In my case my upstream is an ELB which can and will change ip address often so using the static DNS name was not an option.

Standing desk review: Actiforce

I am too jumping on the standing desk bandwagon. I first gave it a try using a support on the table and once I felt the benefit (I felt more creative and focused) I decided to make the move. After all you can still use a standing desk as a normal desk.

I first tried buying one from the usual, US-based, suspects but it can be hard to figure out the cost of shipping and then I'd also have to manage import which has never been too fun the rare times I had to (fyi: you must send a bloody fax. In 2017!).

So I looked around and found some good looking stuff from Italian manifacturers, but the prices are omg!

So I searched Amazon and of course, there it was. It is from a German vendor who is in fact reselling products from Actiforce. I know people using Actiforce and they are happy with it so I bought it.