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The Pledge Bank
Today I have read on the register about this pledge bank idea and I must say it is great! Somebody should start something similar in Italy too: we have a great need for a change.
This is the kind of stuff that makes me believe in the revolutionary power internet! The internet is not only about making the coolest site for your customer, downloading music but is MOST IMPORTANTLY about putting the power and the freedom to speak back in the hands of the people.(caterpillar would say combattere le corrazzate dell'informazione)

Boot ltsp from NT/2K/XP

This week I have been tasked with the setup of a Linux terminal server for a press room with 15 terminals (mostly used for OpenOffice, browsing and printing). The terminals are refurbished pcs with intel II processor and 128MB of ram.
In case the terminal servers failed I decided to keep the original hard drives and install NT4 on them. I also set a small FAT partition apart for installing the linux kernel necessary for bootstrapping the client.

I installed Fedora Core 3 on the two servers (they roughly share the load) and chose KDE as the default desktop environment. Then I installed LTSP.
For the initial phase I went with bootable floppies, but after the setup was considered stable I wanted something installed on the local hard drive of the terminals.
After some googling I found syslinux. SYSLINUX is a bootloader that can be used to boot the zlilo images from rom o' matic.
The installation is very easy: I downloaded and uncompressed syslinux on the NT box while I was running NT, then…