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[SOLVED] Garmin troubles

Update: solved after my watch received software update 7.80. Scroll at the bottom for details.

I have never been a watch person. Have not worn one in a looong time and never really got interested in one even when the smart watch hype started mounting.

Two months ago a was gifted a cheap knock-off step tracker and I suddenly realized that I was interested in having that kind of data (steps, sleep) tracked. The cheap tracker died after a few weeks, so I started my hunt. I like running (I try to run 5K, 3 times a week) so I thought maybe I should upgrade from a simple fitness tracker to a watch that I could use for running.

Passed AWS CSA Professional

2 weeks ago I passed the AWS CSA Professional certification exam. Here are my thoughts hoping they might thelp others who are studying or are planning to earn the certification.

First off to be eligible for the AWS CSA PRO you need to hold a valid, not expired AWS CSA Associate level certification. In my case I got the Associate 2 years ago and it would have expired on Feb 5th 2018.

Both PRO and Associate certifications expire after 2 years. Amazon training will email you a reminder of the expiration roughly 6 months before. In the notification email they will also highlight
all available ugrade paths, or just the name of the recertification exam.