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Developing Sproutcore apps on

Today I was looking for a way to quickly edit a pull request to the Sproutcore project without booting up my laptop, but using the MacMini in the living room instead, which is always on, being our main entertainment system.

Turns out it's quite easy if you do not mind signing in into another online service: the Cloud9 online IDE.

Book Review: Instant OpenNMS Starter

Disclaimer: Packt kindly sent me a free copy for review.

TL;DR: Rating 4/5. Recommended for beginners and intermediate.

The book itself is short, but packed with information. A fast reader with some experience with OpenNMS should be able to finish it in 4 to 6 hours. Beginners will probably want to follow the pointers to the online documentation, check the configuration files and possibly experiment so they should allocate more time.

Before being published the book has been reviewed by Jeff Gehlbach. Anyone who has been involved with OpenNMS for some time know him, as he is one of the many brilliant minds working for the OpenNMS company, the commercial entity which develops and supports OpenNMS. Surely his involvement serves as a kind of seal of quality for the book. I for one was surprised by the clarity with even the most complex aspects of OpenNMS were presented in such a short text.

Instant OpenNMS Starter is divided in three main parts: installation, quick start and an advanced secti…