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Mac Mini Antenna from Quickertek

My intel mac mini is sitting quite far away from my wireless router and the signal strength is totally unsatisfying so, after some digging in the net I decided to buy an external antenna from Quickertek.
The signal strength has in fact improved (about 30%) but not as much as I hoped. Unfortunately this is probably the best it could ever get because of a wall that sits in between the mini and the router.

As for the antenna it is quite easy to install once you learn how to rip your mini open (grin...) and the Quickertek support was kind enough to send me (at no extra cost) an extra pigtail connector when I found out that the one I had ordered was not compatible with Intel mac minis.

I am now going to bid on ebay for a better antenna for my router too and this is going to cost me a lot less, I hope...